Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pasar Ular (Snake Market) - Cheap Market in North Jakarta

Type trousers various foreign and domestic brands in the plots unfold stalls. Many people are busy sorting out one by one. Bargaining transactions sounded boisterous. If the first time to the place, the visitor will be surprised with the cheapness of goods sold. The place was known by the name Pasar Ular. Society called "Paul". Different brands of underwear and clothes from abroad and locally are available. About the price, too cheap. Snakes market there are two locations, the first in about Kebonbawang and one in Plumpang. Two places were located in North Jakarta
Several foreign brands easily found. There's a brand new BMW, Benz, Alexandro, Braun Buffel, Mount Blanc, and MX. The official price of these brands reach 500 thousands. But at the Pasar Ular price pegged termurahnya Rp100 thousand.

There is also a brand of Levi's and Tira and other local brands which official price reached 300 thousands. In place, only cost Rp60 thousand. Most importantly, when shopping there is a genuine or fake buyer understands that the goods sold. However, the majority of traders to claim the goods were genuine.
Snakes market first in 1990 in Kebonbawang which is the result of the relocation market by Koja North Jakarta City Government. Not only sell clothing, there are also jars, bags, electronic equipment, and others. After that, only then followed the Pasar Ular in Plumpang. Here, clothing exclusively.
The name was appropriate because the visitors can freely be pinned into any desired stall without any coercion. Too crowded, visitors to the winding like a snake, so called Snakes Market.
Before the proliferation of shopping center, Market Snakes become the most crowded places visited by visitors from Jakarta and outside Jakarta. Places to buy souvenirs of the most expensive clothes with guaranteed quality.
Subhan, traders in the Market Prumpang Snake says, pants and other cheap prices because it is obtained from the ship. That is, he said, when the ship stopped at ports of goods which carry clothing imports, existing individual that memerolehnya illegally, so as not to be taxed by the government.
"It's different with the first condition. Several years after opening, all items are guaranteed original. Now, between the genuine and fake is difficult to distinguish. Depending on the purchasers of expertise, "he said.
To differentiate, he said, was from the stitches or a special stamp from the factory. Original, stitching looks perfect, smooth material, and there is a special stamp on the back pants or clothes. While false, otherwise. "But that's not necessarily. Importantly, jelly, "he said.
He deplores the many merchants who sell counterfeit goods. As a result of that happened, many visitors are reluctant to come back eventually because he felt cheated quality. Yet, not all goods are fake. Many also are selling the original.
To overcome this problem, finally a fellow traders compete with each other and trying to grab customers. Not only that, people usually have subscribed. First, he said, visitors can freely twisting to each kiosk to find their own tastes.
"If now, buyers are coming directly to where customers are trusted, then immediately left again. So if there are traders who complained quiet, because no longer can be trusted, "he said.
The same thing was mentioned Yuni, a trader shorts, shoes and clothes in the Snake Kebonbawang Market. He said the authenticity of merchandise is guaranteed. He is even willing to bet if there are visitors who complain. He did not want to disappoint customers due to counterfeit merchandise.
"Fortunately, no how. If visitors do not come again, we become more loss. We gain a little better, but buyers have continued, because they believe the goods we sell, "said Yuni.

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